Differences between cribs and cradles/bassinets

There are a lot of sleeping furniture options for baby, and knowing the defining features of each can help you select the one that best fits your needs. Below we detail some of the key differences between a crib and a cradle/bassinet. For safety, make sure that whatever option you choose is JPMA Certified.

Crib: this is traditionally the largest of the three options. A crib will suit your baby for the longest period of time, with usability from birth until your child can climb or reach up to 35”. Cribs are stationary, in that they don’t rock or swing, but they may come with wheels, to make them easy to move around your nursery. A huge benefit of a crib is that most on the market are convertible into a toddler bed, day bed and even a full size bed, making this the most versatile and longest-lasting option. With all the extra room there is in a crib, you may be tempted to add blankets, pillows and stuffed animals for your baby. We strongly advise against this, as these items all increase the risk of suffocation.

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Cradle/Bassinet: cradles and bassinets are the coziest sleeping option, usually with just enough room for baby. A cradle or bassinet can be used from birth until approximately 4 months old. Once a baby can sit-up or rollover, this option should not be used. Traditionally, cradles and bassinets are on rockers, but they can also be stationary. This option is often preferred for newborns as cradles and bassinets are fairly portable and are small enough to sit next to your bed for nighttime feedings.

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  • Tomy on May 6, 2012

    i would get a convertible crib it ends up sanivg money in the long run when you dont have to buy a toddler and than full size bed and get a pack and play that way it can be a bassinet when hes still small enough but when he grows out of it if your still not ready for him to be in his own room you can just change it in a regular pack and play that sits beside your bed.

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