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When creating the perfect nursery for your baby, the colors, patterns and overall look and feel of the room often come first. Of course at Project Nursery we understand the desire to have a chic and stylish nursery, but thinking about what’s safe for your baby is just as important. Thankfully, nursery design has reached new heights in terms of style, selection and quality and you no longer need to compromise on style when looking for safe, quality, organic and chemical-free products. We’ve put together 4 important tips to help you jump start a fun, fashionable and safe room that both baby and parents will love.

1. Take the toxic chemicals out. When the planning begins, start with the walls. Zero or Low VOC paint is the way to go. Since many brands make a zero or low VOC option it’s easy to find loads of colors at your local paint store. Next, choose a non-toxic, preferably organic crib mattress. And lastly, if you are worried about allergens in the nursery be mindful of your floor coverings and carpet. If it’s in the budget, hard wood is a great option.

2. Create a safe furniture layout. Take some time to think about how you would like to position the furniture in the room and make sure you take into account anything dangerous for baby. Position the crib away from the wall so that baby cannot reach any wall art or window fabric and cords. You’ll also want to try and avoid floor lamps or furniture that baby could easily pull down.

3.  Monitor room temperature. We always recommend purchasing a room thermometer with a backlight so that you can monitor the nursery’s temperature even at night. Many of the newer baby monitors come with a built-in room temperature feature. Another helpful tip is to invest in a good quality air purifier or humidifier if you are concerned about air quality and circulation.

4.  Green your registry. Sure it’s smart to load up on the basics at your local mega baby store, but consider also hand picking the most important items and registering with a green online baby boutique to further enhance your baby’s green lifestyle. Don’t forget about baby safe cleaning products and crib bedding. Keeping healthy products in mind when you are shopping for the nursery is a great way to create the safest and healthiest room for you and baby.

By Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio, Project Nursery Co-Founders

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